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Previous Offer: Bonnefond Côte-Rôtie, Côte Rozier | 2015


Patrick and Christophe Bonnefond are making some of the best Syrah wines on the planet. Over the years, they have dialed-back the use of new oak, letting their impressive old-vines power what's in the glass. Their style is deceptively concentrated and built for the "long haul," but when you pop the cork, the wines speak clearly and confidently of a place and its grape.

Today's offer is a triple threat. Besides being Bonnefond, this is pure Syrah from a very special site and a jaw-dropping vintage. Côte Rozier adjoins the more famous "La Landonne" lieu-dit but shares the same exposure and schist soils. Its Syrah makes it into the hands of the region's finest producers (i.e. Jamet, Gaillard, Ogier). 2015 is a vintage for the cellar, but if you're impatient, like me, there's plenty of goodness in the glass. The wine overflows with fresh black fruits, damp violet, balsamic strawberry, and its sweet-smoky core reveals, "I'm Syrah!" The tannins coat your mouth but have a friendly and silky appeal. The only question left is — to cellar or not to cellar? The choice is yours!  

Vintage: 2015

Region: Northern Rhône, France

Tasting Notes: Smoky violet, cherry pit, blackberry

Pair with: Hamburgers, barbecued chicken, roasted eggplant 

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