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Previous Offer: Hermitage Blanche by JL Chave Sélection | 2015

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As a budding sommelier, you're trained (and pressured) to like and drink high acid whites: steely Chenin Blancs, bone-dry Rieslings, and cult Chablis. Somehow, you're tricked into thinking that only high acid white wines "cut through the fat" and make the perfect pairing with deluxe buttery sauces and creamy dressings. But, as you evolve and broaden your tasting chops, you learn that acidity isn't everything.

I'm a huge fan (and you should be too) of Marsanne. A lower acid grape, Marsanne ages incredibly well and rounds-up some of the most scintillating smells on the planet with its brown sugars, poached fruits, and golden pastries. If you're new to Marsanne, then there's no better way to get to know the grape than with the help of Jean-Louis Chave. The apogee of the Northern Rhône, Jean-Louis creates long-lived wines of exceptional intensity and finesse, and this 2015 bottling is a product of the "Sélection" line. It's his négociant line which sources grapes from leased vineyards instead of estate ones. The attention to detail and winemaking, though, are the same. The wines are 100% Chave, no short cuts taken.

While JL Chave's estate Hermitage might cost you $300 a bottle, today's offer is an excellent introduction to one of the world's most underrated grapes. In the glass the wine is golden and shimmery and awakens the senses with the sweet smells of morning — flakes of croissant, almond scone, buttered toast, and marmalades of citrus, quince, and apple fruits. On the palate the wine is expansive and shows-off Marsanne's delicious texture, waxy and honeyed. With a few years of bottle age, this is a wine that craves decadence, yet simplicity, and is not afraid of exotic spices. We recommend four-cheese gnocchi, steamed crab legs with ginger and garlic, or your best veal scallopini. So, put aside your acid freak self for a moment and experience the joys of Marsanne.

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