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Previous Offer: Gigondas, Signature by La Cave | 2015

Previous Offer: Gigondas, Signature by La Cave | 2015

We like to drink wines made by grower-producers, but once in awhile a little, unknown co-operative throws you off your routine, in a good way. La Cave is a small scale co-operative which means it's team of growers who pool their resources together to make a wine. At 75% Grenache with 15% Syrah and 10% Cinsault-Mourvèdre, this 2015 has all the delicious "bells and whistles" of the Southern Rhône like cured meat, pepper, lavender, and crushed berries. Surprisingly bouncy and not stew-y on the palate, it's the kind of full-bodied red that you can actually drink in the thick of summer alongside anything grilled, glazed, or smokey. The only question left is — wood or charcoal?

Vintage: 2015

Region: Gigondas, Southern Rhône

Tasting Notes: Lavender, grilled meat, raspberries

Pair with: Lasagna, venison burgers, or seafood paella 

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