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Previous Offer: La Sueca Sangria | 1 Liter Bottle

Previous Offer: La Sueca Sangria | 1 Liter Bottle

In the thick of summer, I like to drink a nice Chablis, maybe a Bandol Rosé, or an almost dry Alsace Riesling. But Sangria? Sangria reminds me of my mom, East Coast suburbia, and TGI Friday's — gigantic glasses of punch-like wine and floating fruit, so sugary you need a toothbrush after a few sips.

When I tasted La Sueca sangria, I admit it... I wanted another glass. Big on flavor and low on sugar, it has a friendly bitter edge which reminds me of an Italian vermouth. An equal blend of Garnacha and Tempranillo, dark cherry and raspberry fuel the palate with pops of cardamom, rose-y licorice, and a swirl of cinnamon. Serve on ice with a slice of orange and forget about Chablis for a while ;)                

Vintage: NV

Region: Catalonia, Spain

Tasting Notes: Raspberry, cardamom, cinnamon spice

Pair with: Spicy Thai food, bacon-wrapped dates, beef sliders 

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