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It feels like these days, Albariño has become a chameleon grape — you never know what you’re going to get inside the bottle. Some are way too floral, others spend way too much time on their lees and taste outrageously creamy, and those faint smells of oak or buttery toast… forget it! I long for the old school versions of Albariño, the ones with Riesling-like acidity, a bowl of citrus and tropical fruits, soft spoken florality, and just enough cream and lees to thicken the palate. If you like all those things, then classic Albariño is for you.

From the famous winemaking group, La Rioja Alta, Lagar de Cervera is a treasure in Rías Baixas, located in the “deep south” of the wine region in a special area called, “O Rosal.” O Rosal stretches east to west, from the Atlantic ocean along Portugal’s northern border, etched in blue by the Miño river. Here, Albariño gets an extra dose of sunshine and ripens slightly earlier than most of its northern cousins. As a result, the best wines have a crystalline acidity without sacrificing their rainbow of fruits — green papaya salad, orange creamsicle, key lime, and white peach sorbet. Sound like summer? Well, get ready for the heat, and cool off with Lagar de Cervera. -Allegra

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