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The Vault is Open! Chablis by Laurent Tribut | 2018

The Vault is Open! Chablis by Laurent Tribut | 2018

If you are familiar with the wines of René & Vincent Dauvissat (arguably Chablis' greatest producer), then you'll notice that the labels of Laurent Tribut bear a striking resemblance. Coincidence?

Married to Marie-Clotilde Dauvissat, Laurent is the son-in-law of René Dauvissat. The parcels farmed by Marie-Clotilde and Laurent were hush-hush Dauvissat parcels, prime Chablis terroir, invested-in by the family long ago so that they could give their children an opportunity to become winemakers. For years, the Tribut wines were a well-kept secret in France, but like all delicious wine things, the word travels quickly.

From shears to pickers to label makers, the Dauvissats shared everything (how nice), and it was only until recently that the Tribut wines were made at a separate cellar. Just like the wines of Dauvissat, the Tribut wines are Chablis to-the-bone — deceptively weighty, subtly creamy, and powered by minerality over manipulation in the cellar. Honestly, I couldn't resist and already bought a couple of bottles. I'm going to open one of them tonight. Then, I'll save the other for down the road... when Laurent Tribut is, perhaps, known as of one greatest producers of all time.     

Vintage: 2018

Region: Chablis, Burgundy, France

Tasting Notes: White stones, lemon-lime cream, freshly baked bread

Pair with: Lobster Roll from Navé 

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