Nosiola, Fontanasanta by Foradori | 2018


Elisabetta Forardori is one of those producers that should never be overlooked in favor of the more fashionable newcomers. In the world of natural wine, she's more than an icon. She was one of the first producers that introduced me to terms like "amphorae," "massal selection," and "low sulfur." I'm shocked that more of our customers don't inquire about Elisabetta's wines, because they are the gems of the wine world.

The first time I tasted Elisabetta's Nosiola was over a decade ago. I had it on my wine list at a Thai restaurant in Miami Beach (go figure!), and I instantly fell in love with this bizarre, ancient grape from the jagged Dolomite Mountains. The wine was kinetic in every way, moving along my palate in big curls and little waves. It was the first time I tasted a wine so soft and melty that all the fruits and bits of terroir became secondary. If I could only pick 25 bottles for a wine list, I'm saving a slot for Forardori, Nosiola please!



Main Grape
Winemaking style
More Natural
Try with
Prosciutto and Melon
Bottle size

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