Desmond Brown, August 14th

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Name: Desmond Brown                            

QTY2     Fruit Board        $40.00  EA

QTY1     Chicken Wings, BBQ       $40.00 EA

QTY1     Chicken Wings, Buffalo  $40.00  EA

QTY1     Chicken Tenders, Honey Mustard Sauce $40.00  EA

QTY2     Quesadillas, Beef            $45.00 EA

QTY2     Quesadillas, Chicken      $45.00  EA

QTY2     Skewers, Beef    $55.00  EA

QTY2     Skewers, Chicken            $55.00  EA

QTY2     Mini Crab Cakes $68.00  EA

QTY2     Coconut Shrimp, Sweet Chili Thai Sauce $45 EA

QTY2     Limes (wedges) $2.00   EA

QTY2     Lemons (wedges)            $2.00    EA                      


QTY1     Coke 2L   $5.00    EA

QTY1     Sprite 2L    $5.00 EA

QTY1     RedBull (Can, 6 pack)     $18.00  EA

QTY1     Styrofoam Cooler with Ice  $25.00  EA

QTY1     Source Ginger Ale (4 pk)  $8.00    EA

QTY1     Orange Juice  $8.00 EA

QTY1     Cranberry Juice $8.00 EA

QTY1     Pineapple Juice $6.00  EA

QTY2     Tito's $28.00  EA

QTY1     Jack Daniel $28.00  EA

QTY1     Woodford Reserve $36.00 EA


All of our wines are shipped from our temperature-controlled warehouse located in Miami, FL. We currently ship to most states and offer next-day delivery Monday-Friday for Miami-Dade residents. 

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