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The Vault is Open! Côtes de Gascogne

The Vault is Open! Côtes de Gascogne "Classic" by Tariquet | 2016

I've always been a fan of this wine, in fact, I served it last year at my nephew's birthday (to the adults, of course). Domaine du Tariquet is a beloved Armagnac producerprized for their artisan methods because they shun extra additives, like water, wood chips or caramel coloring. So, what happens when you take some of the grapes of Armagnac, and instead of going through the process of distillation, you make a dry white wine? You get a "Côtes de Gascogne" wine, and Tariquet is the king of the appellation. 

Made from 45% Ugni Blanc with Colombard and Gros Manseng, this 2016 is beginning to show some of those complex nutty tones that you get from white wines with a little age (like an old Hunter Valley Sémillon), yet, by no means, is the wine past its peak. On the palate there is a surge of green and yellow fruits, lime blossom, honey, and stone. Low in alcohol and positively thirst-quenching, no wonder why they just call it, "Classic!"  


Vintage: 2016

Region: Gascogne, France

Tasting Notes: Lime blossom, chestnut, green papaya salad, white flowers

Pair with: Fish and chips, bitter green salads, white pizza  

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