Cabernet Franc by Mi Terruño | 2016


Mendoza is the epicenter for lavish and age-worthy Malbec, but lately we've been tasting some knockout "no name" Cabernet Francs, like this 2016 Reserve from Mi Terruño. It feels like Mendoza is the sweet spot for this floral Bordeaux grape, producing wines somewhere in between the leafy French versions and the thickly coated California ones. We love this style from the Baigorria family because it has all the "bells and whistles" of Cabernet Franc without getting lost in oak or trendy wine-making techniques. Underneath the big crushed berry fruit, there's soft rolls of pretty flowers, cedar, and damp earth. It's more Bordeaux-like on the nose, but there is a kindness on the palate that reminds us of the suntanned valleys of California. So, next time you hear the word "Mendoza," turn around and be on the lookout for the delicious rise of Cabernet Franc!