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The Vault is Open! Turley Zinfandel with Age, 2001 Pringle Family Vineyard

The Vault is Open! Turley Zinfandel with Age, 2001 Pringle Family Vineyard

As we get ready to launch our new Vinya Market in the fall (with over 1,000 wines!) we've been working diligently to source wines with age or more commonly known as "library wines." These wines are authentic, professionally vetted, and have top-notch provenance. We realize that drinking "wines with age" is not typical of an everyday routine, but once in a while it's nice to splurge, experience the extraordinary, or give an unexpected gift to that wine lover in your life. So, today we're parting with a few of our 2001 Turley bottles, in hopes that it will end-up in the glass of someone who appreciates the wonderful quirks of California Zinfandel with age. 

It's impossible to talk about Zinfandel without mentioning Larry Turley. Before Turley became Turley, there was Napa's iconic Frog's Leap, which Larry co-founded in 1981. But after developing a keen interest in the sacred old-vine vineyards of California, he split-off on his own in 1993 to start Turley Wine Cellars. Today the winery makes over 45 wines with a focus on Zinfandel from more than 50 of California's greatest vineyard sites, farmed organically. Despite their generosity and volume, Turley wines are essentially terroir wines powered by the concentration of old-vines and honest winemaking.

A powerful and concentrated vintage, the 2001 Pringle Family Vineyard Zinfandel captures the beauty of Howell Mountain with its underlying tannin, scorched red earth, and berry liqueur. At 16% alcohol, it's had plenty of time to rest in the bottle, unbraid itself, and lose some of its muscle (in a good way). No longer bottled by Turley, the Pringle Family Vineyard is truly hard-to-find, a rare snapshot of the past, and a delicious insight into the aging capability of American wine, California Zinfandel, and the magic of Howell Mountain.


Region: Howell Mountain, Napa Valley

Tasting Notes: Warm stone, cocoa nib, berry liqueur, damp purple flowers

Pair with: Porterhouse Steak from Meat n' Bone

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