Christophe Mignon ADN de Meunier, Brut Nature | NV



Drinking Pinot Meunier based Champagne is like drinking Pinot Noir with a big splash of Riesling and a serious case of The Bubbles. Christophe Mignon is a Meunier specialist located 13 miles west of Épernay. Here, Meunier thrives in the lower lying, sandy-clay soils, and Mignon has been a champion of this varietal for more than twenty years. His natural farming practices are known as the “Mignon Method,” which combines the principles of biodynamics, phytotherapy, homeopathy, and geobiology. What does all this mean? It means that Mignon’s wines are some of the purest and most haunting expressions of Meunier on the planet. This cuvée, bottled with no dosage, shows-off Meunier’s white and pink florals, dried red fruits, peach fuzz, and soft ginger spice. Whether you drink it or gift it, you can never go wrong with Christophe Mignon. ~Allegra A

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