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Tuesday Offer: Colle Massari Montecucco Rosso Riserva | 2015


If you were to get in your little red Fiat and head south from Montalcino, you'd cross into the hilly region of Montecucco. Known for Sangiovese based reds, Montecucco is a fairly new appellation with an old winemaking history. With a climate similar to Montalcino, the red wines show a familiar warmth and energy on the palate. It's not Brunello, but it's pretty darn tasty for the price.

80% Sangiovese, with Cabernet and Ciliegiolo, this 2015 Riserva has all the perks of a big wine, without tasting like a big wine. The courtesy of age and time in the bottle have soothed the tannins, yet there's plenty of structure to hold-up all its zesty Tuscan flavor: sun-dried tomatoes, red plums, tart crusty bread, and sweet green pizza herbs. So, whether your style is thin-crust, white sauce or red, make it extra tasty with Montecucco Sangiovese.

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