Tuesday Offer: Sauska Dry Furmint | 2017



Furmint is the noble grape of Hungary’s Tokaj region, one of the most historical wine regions in the world, recognized in the 17th century for its luscious, sweet wines. It was only until the post-Communist era (in the early 1990s) when the dry styles emerged. The best thing about Furmint is its high-wire acidity and nutty-honey tones which remind me a lot of Chenin Blanc. Today’s 2017 offering from Sauska winery has a deep pocket of cold minerality, filled in with the best of summer and fall: yellow apples, speckled pears, and crumbles of toasted walnut. For $16, we dare you to find a better Chenin Blanc… I mean Furmint!

Happy Drinking,
Allegra A 

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