Poço do Lobo Cabernet Sauvignon by Caves São João | 1994


To drink wines with age should not be luxury, but a fundamental part of any wine lover’s journey. That’s why Caves São João is so special, because they're releasing wines with age and consumer friendly prices.

Founded in 1920 in the Barraida region of Portugal (about a 2.5hr drive north of Lisbon), the winery acquired Quinta do Poço Lobo in 1970, a 37 estate of clay-limestone soils planted to native grapes. Here, they planted Cabernet Sauvignon, and made wines aged in traditional cement and stored them in their dark, cold cellars, unavailable to most markets. It was only until recently, in 2013, that the current owners (the Costa family) decided to release these historical gems.

Thanks to the Costa family, what you have, today, is impeccably aged Cabernet Sauvignon, without the “bells and whistles” of vigor and youth. It’s pure, acoustic beauty of dried greens, soft purples, and a magnificent spice box of cigar, leather, and dusky earth. With moderate tannins and ripe acidity, this 1994 is a must drink for those who seek personality over power, it just happens to be Cabernet from a little place called, Poço do Lobo.

Main Grape
Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaking style
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Lamb Lollipops
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