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Last Offer: Italian Vermouth, Rosso Amaranto by Mancino

Last Offer: Italian Vermouth, Rosso Amaranto by Mancino

I always forget how much I like Italian Vermouth di Torino until I'm in the mood for one of my favorite cocktails, the Americano. To me, the Americano is the original Negroni (but better), created at Gaspare Campari's namesake bar in Milan in the 1860s. Equal parts Campari and sweet vermouth on ice, topped with soda, the drink was originally called the "Torino-Milano" until late century American tourists caught-on and started drinking a lot of them. 

I was recently reminded of my love affair with the Americano when I enjoyed one (and another), this past Sunday with an old friend, but something was different. My Americano was more feathery and light, yet still packed this wonderful punch of bitter citrus, sweet reds, and pretty herbs on the palate. So, I asked the bartender what vermouth he used in my tasty Americano. To my surprise, it was Mancino.

If you're a lover of the Negroni, Americano, or Manhattan, then your house bar cart needs a bottle of Mancino Rosso Amaranto on its shelf. A fairly new project, the artisanal Mancino vermouth collection is courtesy of the renowned Italian barman, Giancarlo Mancino. Based on a white wine, Trebbiano di Romagna, and infused with 38 botanicals, Rosso Amaranto is deceptively bright, bittersweet, and balanced with those cozy spices of fall and winter that we desperately yearn for. So, this season, make it an Americano, but make ours Mancino!  

Vintage: NV

Region: Torino, Piedmont, Italy

Tasting Notes: Rhubarb, Christmas spices, vanilla

Drink in: An Americano (not the coffee!)

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