Stein Rosé Secco


Known for his mineral-soaked Rieslings, Ulli Stein is the beloved "mad scientist" of Germany's Mosel. His vineyards are located among the steepest slopes, some up to a 78% gradient, which make them nearly impossible to farm, yet glorious to drink. He has a fanatic following in Europe, so when the wines arrive in the US, they instantly go, "Poof!" 

Last year, I was bummed on Stein. We were suppose to receive a case of this cult rosé, but it was misshipped, into the hands of another Stein groupie. So, what's Pinot Noir, Cabernet, and Merlot doing in ice cold Riesling land? A rebel at heart, one of Ulli's game-changing responses to climate change has been re-evaluating the Mosel's lower, and now warmer, slopes. Once blanketed by Riesling, he's now one of the only growers in the region to make compelling red wines (he even has some Sangiovese!)

This fresh 2021 trocken is essentially Pinot Noir, structured by 20% Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. It's mineral over fruit, freshness over fixer, purity over power. Just like Ulli, unapologetic and sheerly magnetic, it's something out of the ordinary. This time, we got our case. So, grab an extra bottle because there's only next year.

Happy Drinking!
Allegra A   

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