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100 Points and Counting

When most people think of 100-point wines, they think of first-growth Bordeaux, high-octane Napa Valley, and the international flair of the "Super Tuscans" (Sassicaia, Masseto, Solaia...) These wines are opulent, powerful, seductive, and can age for decades. Testamatta is the refreshing antithesis of this style. Aged in old barrique, versus new, it's like Burgundy and Tuscany had a love child — a pure red-headed Sangiovese with big green eyes, stick straight hair, and porcelain skin.    

Bibi Graetz might not sound like an Italian name, but he's as Italian as a Bistecca alla Fiorentina. He grew up in a family of artists on the hill of Fiesole, overlooking Florence. A painter by trade, he was fascinated by the beauty of old vineyards and their native grapes, and how they could produce wines of unmatched finesse and elegance. So, he started collecting old vineyards of Sangiovese, Colorino, and Canaiolo, building, what is today, one of the greatest collections in Tuscany. A self-taught farmer and winemaker, Bibi made his first vintage in 2000, and slowly has become an international icon.

The name "Testa-matta" means crazy head. It's a person with a strong personality, a distinctive style, a positive attitude, and boundless creativity, and no other name could better describe Bibi Graetz and his flagship wine.

"The elegance of the Sangiovese variety is always the main character of Testamatta wine. This vintage shows how Sangiovese can be fresh, fruity on one hand, elegant, long and persistent on the other. 2018 is rich of blackberries and blueberries, earthy hints and light mineral undertone.  It has a pronounced intensity accompanied by silky and important tannins that make the wine long and persistent. This Testamatta is persistent and rich of finesse, one of the greatest I have ever made." (Bibi Graetz)

100-point wines for under $100 don't come around often. Today's offer is not about excess or luxury. It's about the haunting beauty and extraordinary depth of Sangiovese, and that's a real necessity for any wine enthusiast.

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